Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Surgery fiasco

Emmie had her appointment with the pediatric surgeon today. The good news is that he thought he may have been able to fix the girl problem in the office, however he did not want to traumatize her. I like that program! I don't like the fact that we now have to have surgery to fix it. The surgeon does not want to wait until we have adenoid surgery to fix the girl problem so surgery is scheduled for Monday. Yup 6 (almost 5) days from now. Although I do find relief in the fact that it is a 2 second surgery. So on to the fiasco part.

Emmie is also due for her pulmonary function test (PFT) in August. We can not do the adenoid surgery just prior to having this test for risks of opening things back up after they have not fully healed. So, I believe what will be happening is that we will go for our currently scheduled clinic visit on the 6th of August get clearance for surgery, attempt to get our PFT done as soon after that as possible and still maintain our surgery clearance, then re-schedule our adenoid surgery as soon as possible after that. If it does not work out that well and we for some reason lose our clearance for surgery or it has taken too long for all of this to happen we will have to wait for November to get clearance again and then do the adenoid surgery.

I am actually on the fence about this particular surgery for the simple fact that we just purchased a Holmes Air Purifier b/c of the recommendation of Emmies allergist. Since running that in the bedroom Emmie has not been snoring or having a "stucky" nose. I find that very reassuring. I will have her pulmonologist evaluate her in August for her opinion but as of now am feeling much better about the situation.

I think that is all for now. Prayers for a successful surgery, and speedy recovery.

Melissa, Emmie, and Jason too!

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