Monday, June 21, 2010

Another day, another appointment!

So we had another appointment today attempting to figure out this whole stucky nose thing. We ventured out to the ENT. Her doctor has come to the conclusion that Miss Emmie needs surgery to remove her adenoids. Whoo-hoo right. Not so much. I know that a lot of CF kids go through surgeries frequently, however not Em. She has had 1 surgery to put tubes in her ears. I didn't do well that day either. I just have a hard time with it I guess. So on July 23rd we will trek off to the hospital to have this done whether Mom likes it or not.

On a positive note her ENT looked into MY nose today too. Maybe not all that plesant but I got an answer as to why my right side of my face has been hurting soooooo bad. Actually yesterday I almost broke down and just started crying it hurts so bad. At first I thought I had an abscess tooth so I went to the dentist, not the case, teeth are all fine. So even though I have been on antibiotics for a month I figured it was a sinus infection and continued with the antibiotics. Again, not the case. He said it is a sinus issue, it basically is a irritated nerve in my sinus caused from the likes of Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle or clorox bleach or something of the like. All I can do is sinus rinses, and hot compresses on it with sudafed, and motrin until it goes away. After all this I start thinking an irritated nerve, well I am irritated but the nerves really shouldn't be so they need to stop irritating me. The pain is miserable. It almost feels as though my sinuses are pushing so hard on my teeth that they are all going to fall out. I literally can not put my teeth together to chew or it feels like my teeth are exploding into my eyes.

Ok enough complaining. More updates to come as they happen!

Melissa and Em

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  1. Awwww so sorry to hear that Em is having surgery - hopefully it will make things better for her though. My 10 year had her tonsils and adenoids removed and she handled the surgery pretty well. I'm sure Em will as well. Also, sorry about the stuff you have going on. I have about 50 packs of the sinus rinse stuff if you need any. I would not mind sending some your way. Let me know and hope you both start feeling better real soon.