Monday, June 28, 2010

Wow, that's all I can say.

Ok so I know it's been a few days, ok maybe a week but it has been busy busy busy. So we had a good Fathers Day, however I felt as though my teeth were hurting. No big deal just figured I had another sinus infection going on. So then Monday we went to Emmies ENT appointment. He told us he feels as though Em needs her adenoids removed as they are causing her breathing issues i.e. snoring at night time. She is also suffering from recurrent sinus infections and those could be the culprit. Their solution remove them. Not so comfortable with this idea but he will also check her tubes while he is in there. Her left tube has been blocked since a month after he put it in. Emmie was then 17 months old. She is now 31 almost 32 months. I suppose it's time to see why it is still blocked.

Then on Tuesday my pain in my teeth and cheek came back, quite severly may I add. So I went to the local walk in clinic to be told I have an ear infection. Seriously? Are you kidding? My ear doesn't hurt. Yet I go get the meds he perscribed. Later that evening I am still in quite a bit of pain that tylenol 3 and motrin are not touching. Jason sends me in to the ER. They look at me and say you have a sinus infection. Really, they couldn't have told me that earlier? So they change my pain meds and send me on my merry little way. They did say if it swells up or the pain gets worse come back. Ok, fine.

So again the good patient I am I go and fill the different meds for my so called sinus infection. When I wake up on Wednesday my face is puffy. Ok I think, not so bad it will get better it is from laying down all night. Right, I really should get out of this dream world and back to reality. So I let it go. Eventually that same day it has swollen so bad that it is now pushing my eye closed and even the new pain meds are not touching it. Jason again (at 1:30am) sends me into the ER. So I drive 1 eyed all the way there.

They order a CT scan of my head with contrast of course it costs more. Of course with contrast means that they have to start an IV right? yeah it does. So they try. Attempt 1, fail, Attempt 2, fail, Attempt 3, good, until we start to push contrast through it. Attempt 4, fail. Attempt 5, WHOO HOO THEY GOT IT!!!!!!! But first of all I am wondering why did they have to order a CT scan for this what is wrong with a $50.00 x-ray, nope have to spend thousands and get a CT. B E A utiful.

The ER Dr then comes back with a completely different diagnosis as the previous night. Same Dr of course. I now have an abscess tooth, and must see my dentist immediately. Even better. Finally go home at 6:30am. Call the dentist they don't want to see me they say just go straight to the endodontist. Okey dokey. So I do, again I am being a good patient. He looks at me and my swollen chipmunk, 1 eyed face and says let it drain I will look at it again clean it and medicate it on Monday. Again, Really? I am supposed to leave for vacation tomorrow? Seriously people come on?

He says go on vacation it will be fine. So I think ok and if it is not then what. Another ear infection diagnosis? Whatever. So we went. Everything was fine. Had a great time in Mackinaw City, and Boyne City despite the rain and chilly temps. Even with the chipmunks in my cheek. Came home had a blast at a family graduation party, and crashed.

Sunday was kind of an uneventful day. It was quite rainy here in the lovely land of Michigan that we call home. So basically we did nothing.

Then as we are getting Em ready for bed she tells us it hurts to go potty. And my mind starts replaying the episode we had in mid-May of e-coli, thrush, and UTI all together. So this mornings first call was to the pediatrician. Bring her in we will do a urine specimin. Ok great gotcha. Done. No UTI but we did find "sever labial adhesions" basically not good news. Tomorrow we will go see the pediatric surgeon to figure out how and when to fix the problem. Hopefully this can be taken care of at the same time as the adenoids. We will see. Then we stop at McD's to get me something to eat before returning to the lovely endodontist. Jason asks me to dump Em's cranberry juice out. Ok roll down the window, or so I thought, and dump. Except it didn't happen that way it dumped on me. Off to the endodontist I go full of pink spots from wonderful cranberry juice that decided not to go out the window.

Then the endodontist surprises me with well lets not just clean it and medicate it we will just do the whole darn root canal. OH JOY!!!!!!!!! You have no idea. At least that part is over. Off to Saginaw we now go. Next up, nail in tire to give us an almost flat. And then to top it all off Jason gives Em a bath, she runs away from him and decides to pretend the kitchen floor is a slip and slide. Wow didn't work so well for her. She now has a large lump on her head.

So there is the AMAZING update from the last week I know you all have been craving. Exciting huh?
Melissa, Em, and Jason too


  1. Holy Crap! It's amazing you are still upright!

  2. You did great! :) Keep it coming!