Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Morning, and Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful daddys out there!

We are still fighting this "stucky" nose, we are going to the ENT tomorrow so hopefully he can figure somethin g out to help munchkin feel better.

On a GI note we are doing additional prevacid to attempt to combat belly troubles. We will see!

Since today is Fathers Day I would like to say that I am truly blessed for all the father figures I have in our life. Not my own however. See I didn't know mine because he didn't and still doesn't care enough to be in my life. I gave him the chance when I was 23, he decided to be there for about 2-3 years and even walked me down the isle when I got married (what a mistake that was). I now have not heard from him in about a year. His loss not mine.

I can say however that I have one of the best grandpas there is. He is a veteran. He made it through college a very long time ago by lip reading only. He can not hear. Back then he could not afford hearing aids, so he sat front row in all of his classes to lip read what he was being taught. How amazing is that? I am blessed to have him and do not think he understands how much we all love him.

Emmie also has 2 of the best papas there is. You should see her eyes light up when either of them is around. Her paternal papa comes around and cuts her grass because she has a blast helping him. He tickles her, plays with her, lets her "drive", all the things that she truly enjoys. Her maternal papa is amazing too. He is a farmer, (we live in hickville, USA) anytime Em sees a tractor out in a field she lights up thinking it is her papa. It's kind of funny actually. It is the little things in life that make it worth it. Anytime either of her 2 papas decide it is time to leave she will breakdown and cry so hard it almost makes me want to cry! (But on a side note she loves her grammy and her grandma just as much she crys when they leave too).

And lets not forget Emmies daddy. He works very hard to support this family so that I can stay home to take care of her and do meds. We appreciate him more than he knows. Lots of late nights have been spent at an ice rink with J reffing hockey. Not that he doesn't love it, that is not the point. Emmie goes through spurts where all she wants is her daddy, and it is adorable. She misses him when he is gone to working as she puts it. I am glad that she is getting the chance to have her daddy around, and a daddy that loves her. Because with my history with my dad it would have been nice but I don't care anymore. Emmie gets that chance and I couldn't be happier!

Today we will go to my moms house and play and have fun and enjoy the papas and grandpas for the day!

On another note yesterday Emmie woke up and told me that she wanted a dog at Emmies house. That simply is not a good idea with allergies and all. So, we decided to "borrow" a dog for the day. We went and got my moms cocker spaniel. Oh my goodness did she have a blast playing and walking him. It makes me sad to know that she can not have that kind of fun everyday. Poor Riley on the other hand was quite tired since he is used to sleeping all day and Emmie would have nothing to do with that!

Now that I have vented and ranted I think I am done for the day. More updates to come soon.

Have fun.

Melissa and Em

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