Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hockey is back!

So, I know it has been awhile and I apologize. Em has been doing ok since my last blog. The only main issue has been her allergies going haywire! And by haywire I don't just mean a little bit I mean completely NUTS. We have since been to the allergist a few times and he has now upped her allergy meds to include allegra, zyrtec, nasonex, sudafed, and flovent. All of this for such a little girl. But I do think it is finally starting to work. Thank goodness. Emmie really was losing a lot of sleep with the congestion all being stuck in her sinuses. We have an upcoming PFT on October 6th to determine whether the flovent is controlling the air trapping. Hopefully it is and continues to do so.

On another note hockey is for sure back in full swing. Miss Princess made her debut with the "new" Delta College Hockey team, (and by new I mean at least 15 incoming freshman)! The DC Hockey boys have always been amazing upstanding boys (men) who work very hard to fundraise to help to cure CF. I think this team will be just as good if not better than previous teams. Hockey players really do have hearts of gold, all of them. These new boys took the time to meet Emmie tonight, all attempting to learn about this disease. They welcomed her as their new "cheerleader" and even took her out on the ice for the national anthem. Needless to say Emmie had a great night. She was quite upset when she had to leave to go home and get treatments. The GREAT NEWS being that the DC Hockey boys pulled their first win of the season tonight!!!!!!! Great job boys! Keep it up! Emmie is cheering you on thats for sure!

For tonight that is all, tired yet still excited about our win!
Melissa and Emmie!